Finished Flooring has built its reputation on a sound knowledge of concrete protection & renewal.


Epi Max

Your source for the latest developments in performance concrete protection systems.



HiPERFLOOR™ by Husqvarna is a complete concrete surface polishing system


Cement Micro Toppings

Engineered to give seamless concrete floor finishes that have the appearance of a tightly closed hard troweled or burnished concrete floor finishes.


Resin Floor

Our systems build on break-through technologies (extreme chemically resistant third generation epoxy novolac chemistry, high performance water based chemistry)


Surface Preparation

Finished Flooring are equipped with the latest concrete floor preparation equipment, from shot blasting, diamond grinding and tile removing.


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Award-winning polished concrete solutions

Our experience has been forged on an impressive variety of civil, environmental, industrial, mining, defence and general services construction projects. This success has been proven through partnerships with forward-thinking architects, consultants, engineers, application contractors, project managers and materials testing agencies.

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